Monday, August 3, 2020

Grey Striped Tea Towels

I am doing another set of tea towels; they are a great summer weave because you can play in the garden in the morning then in the hot summer afternoons weave a tea towel.  I went back to an old tried and true tea towel draft Mom and I have both used multiple times.  Here it is in an Easter Egg Plaid, here in Grey with Purple Stripes, here in Grey with Yellow Stripes, here in Grey and Red Stripes and here in Caribbean Blue Stripes.  It is a much loved 8 shaft false damask, which is based on a 1/3 broken twill instead of 1 /4 satin like a true damask.

I wanted to do the grey stripes again with a different colour as the accent.  I pulled seven different colours and lined them up with the base colours of white, black and three different greys.
The middle grey was the hardest colour to match with; it is a funny shade of grey with a touch of brown.  I ended up choosing the blue because I liked the bright and clear tone of it.
Pulling the warp is when you get the first glimpse of what the tea towels are going to look like and they are going to look great!
When the warp is this pretty it is amazing how fast the threading can go.
The tea towels warp is now ready for me to start weaving.  
Final Garden Photo is a Cardinal Flower (Lobelia cardinalis).  The plant has dark red leaves with these spikes of crimson red flowers.  They are about 3 feet tall and really stand out in the garden.
And an update on the Orange tree (Poncirus trifoliata monstrosa 'Flying Dragon citrus'), we have one orange!

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