Monday, March 18, 2019

Handwoven Garment Number Three

I’ve finished my second vest using Ngaire’s yardage.  This time rather than drafting my own pattern, I used an old favourite, McCalls 7407.  I have used this pattern before with pretty good success, so I thought I’d make my life easier.
I’ve again used decorative river stones to hold the pattern in place while I’m sorting out where the pieces will best fit.  I love this trick as it is much easier than pinning and unpinning each piece as you move them around.
This is a fully lined vest, so I did the same again with the lining.  I have a real beef with the linings that are available to me on the Island.  We have a very limited selection and sadly lower quality than what I would have wished for.
I will fast forward through all the sewing as it really was very straightforward and move on to where the real angst began.

I wanted to show that this was a truly handmade garment and there is no better way to do that than with embellishment.
My first thought was to make tassels on each side of the bodice.  My thought was to attach a cord and make a loop on each side and pull them over one another giving a loose tie.   Hmmmmm, no!
Then I thought I would make a tassel cord.
I used Bamboo 7 for the three strand cord and slip knotted it into a loop.  I made the tassel using the slip knot for the centre of the tassel.  Then using basic wrapping created the tassel.

The idea for the vest was to use buttons on each side of the bodice and loop the tassel over them to act as a closure.
Out came the button box and then I spent a blissful hour picking and sorting through them.  I became very nostalgic because this was something I did as a child, sitting on the living room carpet sorting away!
Buttons were chosen and the tassel was hung....nope, it didn’t work and it made the bodice sag.
My solution was cheap and cheerful, hook and eye closure.  Sometimes the simplest really are the best.
I think it worked well and it quietly makes sure that the neckline remains in place, showing off the nice scoop neck.
Our fashion show at the guild is next week and I feel really happy to be able to show all three of the garments made from Ngaires yardage projects.  This lovely Capelette, the Open Backed Vest and this vest.


Peg Cherre said...

This one is really a STUNNER!!!

Susan said...

All three of your garments are simply lovely. Well thought out, great colours and expertly finished. I'm sure they will be a hit at the fashion show!

Peg Cherre said...

I also love the river rocks pattern holders. Thanks for this tip!