Monday, March 4, 2019

Silk Scarves Inspired by an Impressionist

I am still working through the bag of hand dyed silk warps that we dyed ages ago, they seem to multiply in the cupboard!  This time the warp has been dyed with streaks of pale blue and green but keeping some of the original white silk warp.
The warp reminds me of a Monet Waterlilies picture, so I continued with that inspiration.  I chose a favorite pattern, the network circles to represent the lily pads.  But, I quickly realized that I didn’t have the right shade of green to compliment the warp.
Luckily I had a really pretty blue Tencel that both complemented and highlighted the warp and allowed the pattern to shine through.  Now, the warp is resembling light sparkling off the water.
The finished scarf is lovely and oh so very subtle.  The drape and the flow of the scarf is very stream like.  For Sale. 

The next hand dyed silk warp is similar in colour to the first one.  For this warp I used a spray bottle to apply the dye.  The warp has streaks and dots of different intensities of blue.
I always seem to have to try a lot of wefts before I find what I am going to use.  The first testing of wefts are pale teal, pale blue and navy.  The top two wefts are too pale and the navy is a little predictable but it works.
The seconding auditioning I went with white, mid tone blue, grey and the same navy.  Nothing really works but the navy in my opinion.
For the second scarf I used the same threading and tie up as the first scarf but I changed the treadling.  The new motif could be little diamond shaped leaves, or little thumb prints.  Either way the pattern is quite lovely.
The finished scarf is very striking.  For Sale.

Final Garden Shot is some spring crocuses.  We thought that we had lost them last year to a foraging bunny but a few are still here.  They are a little bruised and battered due to either the deer walking all over them or the crows that insist on pulling them up this year.  I think that we will lift them this year and put them into the back garden as that is fenced and maybe they will survive.

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Emily Wilson said...

Wow! These hand-made scarves for women look gorgeous. I always wanted to know how scarves were made. Your blog gave me a good insight into the making of a scarf. Keep sharing such helpful blogs!