Tuesday, January 1, 2019

What's on the Loom 2019

Happy New Year!

It’s nice to take the time to look at what is on the looms, what needs to be finished up and what is the next project.

On Mum’s loom is a seven yard tea towel warp in 2/8 white cotton.  Every January she puts on a tea towel warp!  The weft is a pale greyed purple, almost mushroom coloured and quite exciting.
On my loom is a black and gold shawl in 2/8 Tencel and stunningly lovely.
This year it feels like there are a lot of things that need to be finished.  I need to twizzle the fringe of a shawl plus a scarf for Mum and give them their finishing press.  The scarf is on a coat hanger because it has been hanging in the closet for a while!
I have another scarf drying outside, waiting its turn to be finished.
The next weaving project may not go onto the loom right away, while I catch up on everything, but I already know it is going to be tea towels!

Final photo is of a Victoria Grevillea.  It is an Australian plant and it always blooms in the winter here on Vancouver Island.

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