Monday, January 21, 2019

The Guild of Canadian Hand Weavers Samples for 2018 Overview

Woven during the Summer of 2017, but we saved the posts until the samples had all been mailed to the Guild members, because  we didn't want to gazump them and spoil the surprise!

The Qualicum Weavers and Spinners Guild decided to do the samples for the Guild of Canadian Hand Weavers newsletter to be mailed out in 2018.  There are four newsletters per year with a weaving sample in each one.

The sample theme we went with is how many different weave structures could we weave using the same threading and tie up?  We decided on a 4 shaft threading and a 2/2 twill tie with plain weave.

The first sample is the base sample, a 4 shaft crackle threading woven as drawn in. This one was Mums.

The second sample is woven as twill, using a M’s and W’s treadling and was woven by Linda Wilson.

The third sample is woven as Swedish Lace and was woven by Pat Collins.

The fourth sample is mine and is woven as polychrome crackle woven with a traditional crackle.  I had intended for this sample to be polychrome crackle with an echo treadling, which it kind of is because the traditional crackle treadling is interleaving of a twill and plain weave but . . . it is stretching the definition of an echo weave.

It was really fun and easy to weave the samples.  In the previous posts I’ve shared how we did it so if anyone is interested in doing the newsletter samples will have an idea of what to expect.

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