Thursday, August 7, 2014

Turquoise Silk Scarf ~ 8 Shaft Networked Twill

Mum and I have started to work on the painted silk warps that we did last summer.  The dyeing idea for this warp was to do an ombré effect, which means moving from dark to light shades of one colour.  So when I was dying this warp I kept adding water to dilute to dye every three to four inches.  Well it didn’t work but I got a nice even turquoise colour warp so that OK!
For the weft I went with white silk.  There was a choice of two, which never happens around here!  The one on the cone is a little bluer and the one in the ball a little creamier.
I did a test run of the weft choices and the blue/white silk on the cone won (the bottom of the picture).  I was afraid that the creamier silk would look dirty against the clear turquoise. 
The colour of the warp reminds me of the summer sky so I went with that inspiration and found a pattern that looks like clouds.  It is networked twill that I am really partial to, and have used several times before; a real fav!
I have been taking new pictures of the scarves for WovenBeauty our Etsy store to update everything.  The scarf is shown in its 'natural habitat' ~ around the neck of a jean jacket and it looks great!  For Sale.
Garden shot to end the post is Gaillardia x grandiflora 'Arizona Sun' commonly called a Blanket Flower.

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Susan said...

Lovely skeins... love the colours! I think adjusting the ombre effect can be achieved by reducing the time the skein is in the dye bath by elevating it periodically and finally leaving the last 1/3 or 1/4 in extra long. Maybe have a support to hold a rod and shift it to a new level every so many minutes?

Your network scarf is beautiful!