Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cream Wedding Shawls Part 2

I have finished weaving the natural Tencel/Cotton shawls.  They came out really well, but they are identical because I even though I tried changing wefts I wasn't able to find another weft that looked radically different.  So, the new plan is for one shawl to stay the natural creamy colour.  And the other one is going to be dyed, I think.  Right now it is sitting in a pile waiting for me.  I have an idea for it but we will see!

To finish the cream shawl I beaded the fringe.  It is something that I do for all the shawls.  I like to see what the finished beadwork is going to look like before I bead so I place the beads on quilting pins and place them within the fringe.
I also use the quilting pins to make up both sides of the fringe so that I am sure that there are enough beads and that they have big enough holes to fit on the beading needle, oh yeah....I've been caught out!
The shawl is done and I think that it's a real beauty.  Simple, elegant and versatile, what more could you ask?
Every time that I pick up the shawl I am surprised at how light and airy it is.  The Tencel/Cotton is so fine and delicate.  It is also incredibly soft and is For Sale in my Etsy Shop.
The garden picture to end the post is a cryptomeria japonica ‘Rasen’ with its little pine cone that looks like a dragon breathing fire.  The needles wrap around the branches to form spirals.

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