Saturday, July 12, 2014

Cream Wedding Shawls

So that New Year’s Resolution to do micro blogging hasn’t really worked out for me! But here’s a post . . .

I put on a warp for two white shawls in 2/20 natural creamy Tencel/Cotton blend (50/50) and rayon knop.  The warp is really fine and delicate, although I had to use a large dent reed because the knops are too large to fit in a smaller reed.
I am using the same 2/20 Tencel/Cotton as the weft.  The pattern is a modified basket weave that weaves up beautifully!  For the second shawl I was going to use another weft, a silk bamboo, but it didn’t look any different from the Tencel/Cotton and it would have made the price go up. 
I love how the little knops pop up giving the shawl a lovely texture.
The fabric was drawing in a little so I used a simple homemade temple to help.  The temple is made from a film canister with pennies inside to weight it down and a long piece of cord and a paperclip.  The paperclip hooks into the web and the weight of the canister gently holds the web open; you need one for each side.  Just like a regular temple you move it every inch that you weave.  It works really well for delicate webs and is really easy to use.
I had pulled the warp with two threads missing so I had to add them in later and to keep the two threads separate hanging from the back of the loom.  I used a piece of cardboard with two holes cut into it and a slit to the edge and added the threads.  I worked really well to keep to fine threads separate.
A pretty garden shot to end the post – can’t be bad!
Oh before I forget here are Mom's Tour de France socks!  She works on them in the evening as we watch the Boys in Spandex ride.  These are up to Stage 4...

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Liz aka Fibergeek said...

Love the shawl draft and the tip for keeping the extra warp threads apart. Glad you posted it.