Friday, July 4, 2014

10 Shaft Undulating Twill in Silk

I’m working steadily through the silk warps that I painted last summer!  Such a fun afternoon!
This warp was dyed with ProcionMX in gold and yellow and although it the colours looked really different when it was painted, they mellowed out quite a bit after washing so now it is a bit more subtle.
I chose to embrace the sunshiny yellow colour and I gravitated toward orange for the weft ~ I know, it’s a bold move, but someone’s gotta make it!
The pattern I’m weaving is 10 shaft undulating twill.  I modified the pattern by making the threading really weird so that I could weave it with a straight 1-10 treadling.  That is such a bonus because you really can’t get lost in the pattern.
The scarf wove up in no time, but once it was off the loom I could see some real texture forming.
I even got the fringe twisted in record time!  I decided the twist 3 bouts of ends together for a cord fringe. (I can really recommend these books to any foodies out there!)
The scarf has two distinct sides; this is the hand painted silk warp dominant side.
And this is the weft dominant side.
Nothing is prettier than a good close up, right?

Amazing what a good pressing does!  Surprisingly I was looking at a few of the blogs I follow this morning and Cindy at Eweniquely Ewe has woven a very similar scarf this week….great minds think alike… that’s my opinion!
I’ve already got the next silk scarf on the loom….it is handspun silk about 2/6 in grist in dark blue and purple from the same dye day ~ can’t wait to see what it looks like woven!


Cindie said...

Wow - great minds do think alike! Different but oh so similar. So my next painted warp is in pastels in rayon - will be interesting to see what weave structure we each choose this time.....I've got mine decided on but haven't threaded the heddles yet so may change my mind.

Cindie said...

PS - I love the orange and yellow!

Birgitta said...

I love your orange scharf.

Gertieanne said...

Could this be woven on an eight shaft? Would it need a tabby? And could you share the draft? Love it!

Lynnette said...

Hi Gertieanne,

Something similar could be woven on 8 shafts, but not this exact pattern, it needs all 12 shafts to expand the feather pattern. Because it is a twill a tabby would not be necessary. I'll send you a similar 8 shaft wif.

Gertieanne said...

I look forward to the wif, Thank you so much! Happy Dance!

Gertieanne said...

I look forward to the wif, thank you so much. Happy Dance!