Saturday, August 23, 2014

Scarlet and Old Gold Silk Scarf Part 2

The weft auditioning process was really hard for this scarf.  The first round I went with purples because they are complementary to the coral/orange.  The top color is amethyst, middle is iris (a blue/purple) and the bottom one is red violet.  The amethyst and iris don't seem to show enough of the colour variations in the scarlet warp.
The second round the choices for weft are gold, white and the red violet from the first round.  The clear winner for me is the red violet!
Now this is something that I rarely do . . . weight things!  I know that I should but it never really crosses my mind.  I think it is because I fill out all the project information on the computer before I pull the warp.  Anyway, the reason why I did this time was because I wanted to see if I had enough red violet Tencel to use for the weft. I used Moms scarf which has the same length/width as my base line.
The pattern for this scarf has the same tie up as the Turquoise Silk scarf but I made simple changes to the threading and the treadling.  It looks like a blooming flower don't you agree and is really very lovely.
The beauty shots

The two colours of the silk warp, scarlet and old gold, make highlights in the pattern making iridescence!  

For Sale.
The closing shot of the garden is Hydrangea serrata 'Bluebird' which is just opening.


mormor said...

So very beutiful.
Best wishes from Sweden and Monika

Dianne said...

Great weft choice for a beautiful scarf.