Saturday, July 11, 2009

Home Again

We got back from our flying visit to my friend Susan's on Vancouver Island yesterday where we had wonderful time. We traveled over some amazing country on our way home via Whistler B.C. where the 2010 Winter Olympics will be held, it’s simply beautiful… We had lunch at Joffre Lake and saw an amazing glacier hanging over a turquoise lake....and I didn't take a photo! Damn!

It was so much fun catching up in person and exploring yarn shops with a kindred spirit. Susan actually understands when I go into raptures over yarn and all the wonderful possibilities.
In a wee shop in Duncan called Looms I found this amazing yarn, and various other yarns that I won’t bore you with. Suffice it to say, there will be socks on the agenda, lots and lots of socks!
This yarn is made in Chile and is 100% sugar cane fibre. I have no idea how it will weave up, but it is the same grist as Bambu 7 and a by product of the sugar industry. I chose a lovely variegated pink and blue, just yummy! We took a lovely drive in the cool West Coast drizzle and stopped at Cathedral Grove, on the west side of the Island. I took this photo of typical rain forest scenery, so lush and verdant isn't it. Without being maudlin, this little bit of rain coast was almost magical. On our final day we found our way to Victoria and went into the largest bead shop I have ever seen, far, far, far too many choices…..Amazing how much you can spend on such tiny little things! I got loads of very interesting embellishments.
My final photo is a close up of my birthday present from Susan. This Irish Linen runner is so amazingly finely woven....and so very special for having come from such a dear friend.

Things I Know
When using a fancy yarn in your warp, sley it in the same sett as used for the background and the fancy yarn will sit up on top of the cloth and show better. Don't give it more room than the background, that will just blah it right out.


Susan said...

I have your bed made up again... you can come back any time ! That was so much fun with you....the time flew by.
There were times when getting the camera out would be a good idea, but it would also interrupt the moment and so I let it slide.

I'm glad you like the Irish linen piece...the colour was so soft and the weaving so fine. I thought of you when I saw it.

See you in September!

charlotte said...

The Irish linen is fantastic! I love the pattern, but I cannot quite figure out how what kind of a binding pattern it is. Is it a twill?
The rain forest looks very exciting, almost like a jungle.

Dorothy said...

The rain forest picture is so luscious, and the Irish linen so fine, and I really appreciate your tip about fancy yarns. I'm going to note it down somewhere where I can find it. Thanks.

Life Looms Large said...

It somehow seems appropriate that you yarn made from sugar cane should be in cotton candy colors! It's amazing to me how many things can be made into yarn!

I love rainforests....despite not loving the excessive rain here lately!

I know you'll do great things with those beads. Looking forward to being inspired by your work.

The Irish Linen Runner is gorgeous!! Happy belated birthday!