Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Just Add Stones

Still not a lot of weaving going on at the moment but we are doing a lot of gardening.  You may remember the runway strip of a garden that lines the driveway; I talked about it last week.  Well, we pulled all the fig roots out (well most of them); we took out the bulbs and leveled the dirt.  The big dirt pile at the end of the picture doubled in size, sorry about the repeat of last weeks photo.
We then spent days expanding some of the gardens with the extra soil.  The garden with the orange tree by the front door doubled in size.  It is looking a little bare right now but Mum grew some flowers from seed and we are just waiting for them to get a bit bigger before planting out.
We also added onto the long garden lining the outside of the fence.  The area that we added is the two trellis fence panels.  Two new hazelnuts were added and some lavenders.
There was still a lot of soil left so I spent four hours adding soil to the front garden.  But I had to remove large soil lump from the driveway so that the stones could be dropped off this morning.  Mum spend that day getting over her second dose of Shingrix....it knocked her for six!
The landscape fabric went down and holes cut for the plants and the sprinklers.
Then shovelful by shovelful the garden was covered in stones.  It went quite quickly with all three of us working, the majority was done by lunch.  There is still a little bit of stone left to add but it is 30 C it got far too hot so we are waiting for it to cool down.  The garden looks great, and once it rains and washes away the dirt from the stone it will look better.
Look!  There are two oranges on the orange tree!

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