Sunday, July 2, 2017

Eight Shaft Twill Single Box Scarf

While I had the Green Twill Boxes shawl on the loom, my friend Susan from Thrums came for a visit.  She mentioned that she had woven the same pattern in the past and that she had amended the pattern and wove it as a continuous box.  I'm a bit late in posting this as Susan's visit was in May! 

I loved the concept of re-using the same tie up, a similar threading and with just a few tweaks getting a completely new weave.  Susan generously shared her original pattern and I made a few changes to come up with this pattern.
I redrafted the twill boxes and enlarged the centre part of the box.  I increased the size of the borders and pulled a warp of 263 ends.  This gives me an on loom width of 9 inches.
I love the hopefulness that I get at this stage of the weaving, all threaded, sleyed and ready to weave.

I had the last of a cone of tencel purchased from Yarns Plus which is no longer available in Ruby Red; a true blue/red, and I was able to make the warp with just a wee bit left over.
I chose to weave the scarf using a colour called Adobe for the weft.  Now that the scarf is done I will concede that it may not have been the perfect choice of colour. Here it is just off the loom, not yet washed.

My idea was to do a tone on tone red scarf so that the pattern was all about shimmer rather than contrast and I did get that result.  The other result is that the scarf tends toward burgundy red rather than the lovely ruby red it was. The adobe colour really washed out the brightness I so loved in the warp.
Off the loom you can see the lovely shimmer that you can get by weaving tone on tone.
This scarf is for sale.

This is a shot taken today July 02 of my Himalayan honeysuckle (Leycesteria formosa) in full bloom.  It is a beautiful shrub that has these lovely chain like flowers, the downside is there is no fragrance.  


Peg Cherre said...

The red on red is lovely. And the pattern is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Donna Ford said...

Your work is beautiful!

I am currently working on an 8 shaft 8 treadle drall scarf and wondered if you could answer two questions I have.

I am having issues with a balanced weave. I am using 8/2 tencel and it is turning out to be a weft faced weave. My sett is 24 epi and I am not coming close to that with the ppl. I am using a very gentle beat and actually just touching the threads and still the ppl is way off from a balanced weave.

I am not happy with the selvages either and wondered if I could have plain weave selvages but I am not sure how to accomplish that on my 8 shaft 10 treadle loom.

Thanking you in advance.

Lynnette said...

Hi Donna
I use a sett of 24 for plain weave and 28 for twill with tencel. Since tencel doesn't really full all that much a fairly firm beat is necessary, as a matter of fact after visiting a friend and seeing her work, I am beating much harder. I would never suggest a plain weave selvage with a twill pattern as you will get differential shrinkage and possible frilling.