Monday, June 26, 2017

Eight Shaft Twill ~ Better Result This Time

After I had cut the linen mistake warp off my loom, I decided that I had to get some mileage out of all the work I had put into it.  I really thought that the pattern I had planned was worth weaving, so I rethought the fiber and started again.
I warped the loom with 2/8 tencel in blue/green with 452 ends for a ‘big scarf’ or short shawl.  The warp was 16 inches on the loom and I sett it at 28 ends per inch. 
As usual I had to ‘audition’ the wefts I tried purple, iris, magenta and aqua and finally chose to use the iris because it really made the green of the warp glow.
I always have trouble with greens although I don’t know why....mother nature uses greens everywhere and they always seem to work!
I wove the scarf with the warp floats on top, so you can’t really see the lovely purple weft in this photo.
The pattern turned out beautifully with these pretty twill blocks.
This is the finished piece with the weft dominant side forward.
This is the finished piece with the warp dominant sided forward.
This scarf/shawl is for sale.
This is my Fremontodendron 'California Glory' in full flower.  This year it got almost pushed over by our late wet snowfall in February; so I cut it back hard and am training it against the fence.  It has been blooming constantly since April.  Amazingly lovely!

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Dianne said...

Beautiful. So glad you tried the draft again, its a winner.