Saturday, April 29, 2017

8 Shaft Crackle Orange and Pink Silk Scarf

This scarf is hand dyed silk that was dyed 2/3 orange and 1/3 pink.  The colours are very bright and lively.
I knew that I was going to have to use navy blue for the weft; it was the only colour that I could think of that would go with both colours.  In the stash is two different manufactures Navy Blue Tencel, and I tried both.
The weft on the top is the darker navy and is from Brassards.  The bottom weft is the lighter navy and is from Webs.  And the decision goes to the lighter navy, it brightens the whole piece.
The pattern is Crackle; as to be expected because right now I am doing a study group!  It is actually a pattern that I have used before but it is much loved.
This scarf has more of a classic look; areas of of crackle with the areas of plain weave interspersed with twill.  You can see the classic crackle blocks with the 4 different half tones.
It is a pretty scarf with a lovely sense of movement.  The painted warp is adds to the flow of the pattern and the pattern is very modern and nontraditional.
I do love the big organic shapes that were created with the Crackle pattern.  For Sale.
Final Garden Shot is a pretty little tree called Red Bells (Enkianthus 'campanulatus') that is just starting to set flowers.


Dianne said...

My colours, my sort of pattern (even though crackle is still "on the list to try"), cant help but love it.

Susan said...

I love the orange pink combination! Add the navy crackle and it come alive...
Beautiful ...