Thursday, April 13, 2017

10 Shaft Crackle Scarf

From the last dye day that we did in June, I dyed two 96 thread yellow Tencel bundles in really pretty colours of teal, turquoise and purple and another in shades of orange and brown.  My plan was to use each of the painted bouts to make a shawl. I was going to use a complementary solid colour tencel to make up the width needed for the project
Unfortunately I couldn’t figure out how to add the stripes without making the shawl look like a Frankenstein monster of three individual scarves mashed together.  So I felt my best option was to just make a scarf highlighting just one of them.  I added aqua coloured Tencel bands to the edges to make up the width needed.
I found a lovely Crackle design on that is a large diamond motif; they are large enough to show the colour changes in the painted warp.  The weft I chose is navy Tencel. The diamonds have a lovely embossed feel to them. and I think it really looks lovely.
The scarf is two sided, a dark side highlights the navy blue diamonds and the light side that highlights the hand dyed warp with the splashes of colour.
The finished scarf is quite lovely.  I like the framing that the blue Tencel gives to the scarf.  For Sale.
Final Garden Shot is a wonderful explosion of colour.  The new lime green of the ornamental grass against the last of the purple flowers on the heather.  It is nice to see some colour in the garden because it has been a very grey spring so far.

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Peg Cherre said...

The scarf is lovely, but I'm blown away by the photo of lime grass & purple heather. I should dye that combo.