Monday, March 7, 2016

8 Shaft Twill Runners Part Two

I finished the last blog with the first runner being woven in green Orlec and woven to a length of around thirty inches.  The next runner up is 2/5 black perle cotton weft and woven to a length of fifty inches.
The pattern for this runner is two different sized diamonds running the length of the runner.  It is a very large and graphic pattern.
I weighed the black cone and did the math; I knew it was going to be close.  I had half a pirn left to weave the 6 inches of hem.  I actually had to weave the last inch in black mercerized 2/8 cotton.  It is going to be the turned in part of the hem so it will not show.
If you look closely in the picture you can see the slight colour change of the two different black wefts.
The next runner is the longest at seventy inches and is woven in 2/16 royal blue mercerized cotton.  This pattern of the boxed X’s is my favorite of all three, which is why I chose to weave it for the longest runner.  
I have woven the seventy inches for the runner.  Then I look at the back of the loom and I have about thirty inches left!  It is very rare that I have extra warp.
So I was able to weave two extra pattern repeats and six inches for the hem.
Ahhh, yup that looks like one of my warps, the metal rod is on the back heddles and there is no shed left in the front!
I was interested to know what the loom waste was for this project.  When I cut off there was twelve inches of warp left.
The dust bunnies from the Pima cotton were amazing!  I placed a shuttle beside them for scale.
The fluffy dust covered the shafts and the lamms.  So a good vacuuming is needed before the next project!
The runners will be finished for the next post.  Here is the Final Garden Shot, it is a Hydrangea already showing a flower bud.  The green mass behind it is a Stella De Oro Daylily.

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