Friday, April 3, 2015

Eight Shaft Twill Tea Towels

Lately I have two main weaving goals forefront in my mind when planning a new project.

 *The first is the ever demanding stash reducer ~ what I weave MUST use something out of the stash.
*The second is that what I weave should be something that I can sell.

After all these years of weaving I have more table linens and scarves than one person can reasonably use, and since for some reason I continue to make mistakes; (what is with that?)  I’m constantly adding to them!

This project filled both criteria quite nicely and with some panache too!  Digging deeply into the 2/8 unmercerized cotton I found 12 ounces of marine blue and 8 ounces of lime ~ the perfect amount for 4 tea towels ~ just.  I must admit that it is getting harder and harder to make sense of the bits and bobs I have left, but I'm determined to hold off buying more as long as possible!
I pulled a warp of 5 yards in length and 24 inches wide which will make just 4 tea towels.
I wanted to make a graphically strong statement and I think I’ve succeeded with this pattern of curly stars which appear in all four corners of the towel.  To ensure that I had enough marine for all 4 towels I’ve made 6 stripes of lime on either side which really makes a bold statement.
I wove 4 pattern repeats, then added a cotton sewing thread to mark my hem turn under.  I find that this really helps when you are finishing the towels. Then I wove 7 pattern repeats before starting the six alternating lime and navy stripes .  I love how bold the stars appear!
So far I have woven two of these tea towels, but a bout of surgery has slowed me down somewhat.  A couple of weeks ago I had laser surgery on my kidneys to nuke a few stones and although it went well; the stent they left behind is giving me lots of grief right now.  Hopefully, it won’t be with me long and I can get on with weaving.
The garden photo this time is of Magnolia soulangeana 'Little Girl ~ Susan'  commonly called a Saucer Magnolia.  This is a dwarf variety of the cultivar and the flowers look far to big for the wee tree!


Sonya said...

Those stars are very effective, I like that much better than the all over star patterns I've seen before!

Lynnette said...

Thanks Sonya, I think it's pretty too, so much so that I may do the pattern again in a different colour....hmmmm burgundy and gold?

Susan said...

I love the blue towels and white stars! Very bold. I have the same issue with my 8/2 cottons right now.....eventually there will be a BIG order going in but not just yet...

Hope you are continuing to heal and I'm sure you'll be even better once they take their hardware back!

Little Susan? We bought and planted one of these in the Okanagan and never did see it bloom before we had to move. Now we have a big Susan in our yard and its in full bloom right now... lovely.

Charlotte said...

I love the star pattern, it is so clear. I'm also weak for white and blue, but I'm sure gold and burgundy would look great. Happy Easter!

ILLANGO said...

Nice patter. I like the white and blue color combination as well!