Monday, April 27, 2015

Tea Towels Recap

Mum and I both forgot to write a blog about the finishing of the tea towels from February!  So this post is going to catch you up on both sets of tea towels.  

To remind you Mum choose to do a striped warp in greys, stone, taupe and navy blue.  Here is a link to the old post. There are six tea towels and each towel has a different woven pattern and weft.  There are two red tea towels that are the same colour but different dye lots.   The burgundy coloured one is woven in squares.  For Sale.
The other one is wine red.  For Sale.
The two green tea towels are also the some colour but from different dye lots.  The tea towel with the square pattern is slightly darker in colour.  For Sale.
Then the other one.  For Sale.
The two navy towels are the same colour but they have different patterns.  

My four pretty periwinkle tea towels wove up so quickly!  I didn't take any in progress photos, oops.  Here is a link to the old post.
As the tea towels have nine stripes in pale blue, lilac, green and peach in the warp I choose not make a plaid border, I think that it would have been too busy.
The four tea towels are very lovely.  For Sale.
The Garden shot is a dwarf rhododendron with pink candles and white flowers (Rhododendron yakushimanum)

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Charlotte said...

I love the colors and pattern of the towels, they will look great in any kitchen!