Wednesday, March 25, 2015

February Dye Day for Silk Warps

The day after dyeing the silk blanks we dyed some silk warps because we had some dye left over.  We had purchased some 2/22 bleached silk from Georgia Yarns and the silk has a grey tone.  In the picture is white 2/8 cotton and three tall cones of silk, so you can see the colour difference.
That evening was spent pulling silk warps, we got three warps each with 200 ends per scarf.
We soaked the warps in water first and they were very hydrophobic I had to use a plate to weigh them under water.
We then soaked them for an hour in Soda Ash.  It was the last of the soda ash we have and to buy more was going to involve a long trip to Victoria but doing some research I believe that a product called pH Up from the pool supply store is soda ash and I can get that here in town.  Has anybody used it?

We dyed the warps using our usual method of plastic wrap, disposable cups and sponge brushes.
From the last dye day I really enjoyed weaving the warps that I had dyed lengthwise so I did one warp blue and turquoise dyed lengthwise.
Next one is 2/3 orange and 1/3 pink also dyed lengthwise.
The last one is one of those warps that it doesn’t look so good but when it is woven up it could be amazing.  Or I could chicken out and over dye it.  It is gold, moss, plum, green and black.  
Mum's first warp is grey with areas of the natural silk showing through.
Next one is moss and plum dyed in streaks.  Similar to the Oil Slick Scarf.
The last one is a really pretty green and purple.  It is a dark and grey day today and the colours aren't really showing up well.
We also over dyed our two problem silk blank scarves with the too bright yellow.  Mum’s scarf has a yellow centre and pink ends.
And is now dyed with an orange centre and pink ends.  For Sale.
My problem scarf was dyed is dyed lengthwise yellow and green with the green dye 'breaking' into greens and blues.
I dyed the yellow area with large green splashes and I added some purple to the green area.  I just made a huge mess of the scarf, the green didn’t attach but the purple did, I probably should have soaked it in some soda ash first.  But it is ugly and I am going to over dye it again, correctly this time, using grey.  I think that grey is my only chance of covering the purple/green mess.
Final Garden Shot is Black Elderberry - Sambucus 'Black Lace'
A few days ago I made a Gougères, French cheese puffs, in a triskele pattern and I thought it looked pretty enough to share with you.


Katie said...

Very nice color combos. I always enjoy seeing what others choose. Question: What do you mean by lengthwise dyeing? It looks like your method is much the same as mine. I guess my question should be - what is the alternative to lengthwise dyeing? One color dyeing? Width wise? I'm curious.

Charlotte said...

Your dyeing technique is amazing, I really would like to try it. The colors are gorgeous!

Lynnette said...

Hi Katie,
What I mean when I say lengthwise dyeing is that I run the dye the full length (including fringe) of the scarf, one colour on the right and one on the left. Then I flip the warp over and do the second side the same to make sure the dye penetrates completely. I have done width wise colour bars and have not had them turn out very successful. My new favourite dye placement is to do both ends one colour and the middle a different colour allowing bleeding at the many choices!

Katie said...

Thanks. I do it a little differently. Your way sounds interesting.