Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sugarcane Fiber

It seems that lately every project that I put on the loom has a weird story…and my newest project is no exception. I’m still on my stash busting frenzy and I’m determined to make use of everything!
I bought two skeins of this amazing Sugarcane fiber yarn made in Chile while I was visiting my friend Susan in Duncan B.C. This yarn is made up of 6 strands of 2 ply sugarcane fiber that has been hand dyed and it is uber soft.
The beautiful tonal blue, pink and lilac just reached out to me and I thought I’d make a scarf with it. I had just had my Leno scarves published in Handwoven magazine May/June 2011 and I though this yarn would look great woven with the same Leno technique.
I started weaving and it was immediately apparent that the thickness and springiness of the yarn made the Leno technique on the edges of each square impossible. So, I cut if off the loom…this left me with 20 ends 6 yards long and 40 ends 3 yards long and my weft on a stick shuttle. I had no idea how I was going to use it, but someday…..
Well today is the day and I’ve just warped the loom for a spring scarf.

I pulled groups of 28 ends of 2/8 tencel in lilac in individual bouts and slipped each one over the back rod. Each block was bracketed with 7 ends of the sugarcane. The 20 ends of the sugarcane that were 6 yards long could be folded over the back rods, but the ends that were only 3 yards long had to be individually tied on….what a pain. But I think it was worth it!
I’ve just woven a few inches and I am really thrilled with the way the sugarcane adds both texture and amazing colour to the scarf. The tencel stripes are in alternating twill and the 7 ends of sugarcane fiber are in point twill. A very simple pattern but stunning don’t you think?


Anonymous said...

Sugarcane - what will they think of next! I will be interested to hear how your lovely scarf wet finishes.

Cindie said...

It's lovely - I've never seen sugarcane yarn.

charlotte said...

That's very exciting! I've never heard of that fibre.

Susan said...

It was so nice to see you... resting up here and catching up on blog posts.

I love the point twill on the final "adjustment". Those are going to be very eye catching!

I have the two skeins you gifted me so I'll have to give some serious thought as to how to use them to their best advantage..

Hugs Susan

Peg Cherre said...

I totally agree - the counterpoint between the two fibers & colors, with the twill breaking in each colored stripe, is terrific!