Sunday, March 31, 2013

Novelty Weft Sugar Cane Scarf

I’m not sure when it happened but I seem to have become a slave to my home appliances! I just sit down at the loom and something rings, sings, beeps or tweets at me and up I get to do its bidding!

The washer and dryer sing a lovely little ditty to pull me away, and because it has such a lovely voice, off I happily wander into the laundry room to do as I’m told; empty and fold.

The stove on the other hand is nothing short of annoying….six long beeps tells me I can put dinner into the oven and when the time is done it virtually screams at me to get the offending dinner out, out, out! I swear it hits my frantic button!

I don’t know when the microwave, telephone, stove, dishwasher and iron became the boss of me, but I just can’t seem to put them on ignore! Despite the annoying beeping that interrupts me on a seemingly hourly basis, I have managed to get the two Sugar Cane scarves off the loom and they are so pretty.
The lilac scarf has been completely finished and is already listed on our Etsy shop and I know this will be one of my go to patterns for using novelty yarns in the future.
I loved weaving this scarf and I still had more than half of the Sugar Cane fibre left so I warped the loom using the same pattern but I changed the tencel colour to Blueberry….still lovely!
I have washed the scarf but it hasn’t been ironed or had its fringe twisted yet, but it’s a real beauty too!
I’ve already warped up Lily Louet for a set of tea towels and am weaving …. ahhh...gotta run it's the stove calling.... telling me our Easter turkey needs basting…..

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Susan said...

Your scarves turned out lovely! What a nice way to use the sugar cane yarn. I may have to do something similar with the skeins you gifted me. I want to use them but have been stumped as to what?!

Only my dishwasher chimes for me... the rest of the time, its hubby! Or the dog....

:) Susan