Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another Really Good Day

Even though I just blogged yesterday I'm so excited I've got share!  The March/April issue of Handwoven Magazine is out and I have a project featured on pages 46-47 and 48!  I can't believe I got three whole pages!
Interweave returned my scarves along with a copy of the newest issue of Handwoven by FedEx this afternoon and now I can do a wee bit of tooting my own horn!
If you don't get the magazine you can see my Paper Spot Scarves on Weaving Today (link below) and by scrolling down until you see the photo of the scarves which have been so beautifully photographed draped over a chair...
It was so hard not share the project while I was weaving it last summer, but the reward of having it published in the 'benchmark magazine' is truly uplifting for me and it really makes me want to sit at the loom and try out new weave structures.
I've just noticed that the first project of mine that Handwoven published last year had the same page numbers!  I guess I'm a middle of magazine kinda gal! 


Susan said...

I'll be hob-nobbing with a published author this weekend then.

I'd bring my copy for an autograph but it hasn't arrived as yet.

The staff at Handwoven clearly see your talent if they gave you 3 pages.

:) Susan

Ann said...

I got my mag yesterday and was excited to see that you had three pages, too! Excellent!!

I have been working with bamboo and so I know that scarves are as soft as the look. Love your color choices too!


Linda said...

Congratulations!! Certainly another 'feather in your cap'! While I always look forward to receiving the magazine, I will be especially thrilled to find your article. Kudos to you!!

Valerie said...

Congratulations! They are very nice scarves...I was looking them over last night.

Well done!

Deanna said...

Yeaaaaa!!! Congratulations! The photo of your scarves highlights how beautiful they are!

Anonymous said...

Wow, beautiful scarves! Lovely work! Congratulations

Cindie said...

I spotted your name & picture immediately on the page of contributors so quickly went to your article - it's wonderful!

Loree Jackson said...

Awesome! Congratulations

Bonnie said...

Wonderful! Congratulations!