Sunday, March 11, 2012

Orchid Shawl Finally Done

I've finally finished the rayon, novelty shawl that I wove a few weeks ago. I just couldn't seem to find the time to sit down and finish the fringe, so there it sat in an untidy pile in the spare room!
When the shawl came off the loom it was quite stiff and held onto the wrinkles ~ I had some doubts whether it would have the drapability I wanted after washing, luckily it did. 
I don't twist my fringes before I full my fabric anymore; I found that I was having to reknot some of the fringes because of uneven shrinkage and since it's a job I don't like at the best of times, I'd rather do it just once.  So I just gather groups and do a loose braid, then I wash  the items as usual.
After washing, while the item is still wet, I undo each braid and finger comb the fringes straight.  You can see that they come out of the braid really easily.
Because there are different fibres and colours and denting groups I've done the fringe in uneven twizzles on this shawl.  The groups of 4 novelty threads are twisted by themselves. Then there are groups of rayon with 4 threads per group and a single group in the middle with 6 threads.  This happened because between each group of novelty threads I had 38 rayon threads and in 2 per dent in a 10 dent reed ~ well, you get the picture.  Rather than see this as a problem I see it as a 'design feature' and as long as it's a constant repeating feature in the shawl I like it.
This shawl has beautiful drape and the fringes look lovely.
When the shawl was on the loom, it looked quite loosly sett, but wet finishing made all the difference and I can't describe how luxurious this shaw feels.
There is a slinky weight that just feels wonderful!
This photo is from the front page of our local newspaper the Comox Valley Record and these are herring in the channel between Vancouver Island and Denman Island!  There are so many herring in this run that they have made the water a light green and they actually make the water froth a bit....what an amazing site!  Needless to say the sealions and gulls are everywhere and having a field day!


Andrew Kieran said...

That's proper lovely that is. Rayon drapes beautifully doesn't it? Has such a nice sheen too

Linda said...

What a lovely piece, Lynnette! Simple, clean design ...very elegant!

Anonymous said...

Like the shawl, simply beautiful

Susan said...

Sometimes the loveliest pieces are the ones that are simple in design and colour. This shawl is beautiful and I can well imagine the drape.

It might not have been what you intended from the start, but its become a winner none the less!