Thursday, April 5, 2012

Finished Stash Busting Scarves

My Stash Busting scarves have finally been steam pressed and they look so much better for it! I love this photo!  If you look very closely you can see the seed beads that I've added to the selvedge edges to give just a wee bit of shine.  I wanted to keep these scarves very casual ~ perfect for jeans.
The first scarf I did had a lavender mercerized cotton as the weft and the turquoise and purple really pop!
The second scarf had pale blue weft and suddenly the stripes in the warp appeared!
How can something essentially the same, become so different?
These scarves are definately one of a kind and I hope they find a new home soon...
We've had a some amazing Spring weather lately and this is the photo of our cul-de-sac....I swear the mountains are moving closer by the day!
This is the Beaufort Range and it is across Comox Harbour on the mainland. The tree in the forefront is in our front garden.
Even though the snow is still pretty close to us, we've started our tomato and chili pepper crop.  Here they are in the master has the most amazing light with two huge windows and a sky light...a perfect place for germination.  Starting the seeds in the egg shells is really cute and environmentally very friendly.  When the plants are ready for transplanting, we'll just crush the shells in our hands and pop them into the soil.


Susan said...

Your scarves are just lovely... fresh looking!

Great idea about using eggs shells as a growing cup. What about using the actual egg carton cups too? Do you think that might work?


Anonymous said...

I am so chuckling, I too have plants growing in my master suite bath! Funny how the light in both of baths is just perfect for plants. Love the blue scarf, very supple and flowing. Love it

Lynnette said...

Hi Susan,
I've found that using the egg cartons ~ at least the pressed paper egg cartons~ allow the soil to dry out too quickly. I guess the paper steals the moisture out of the soil. The egg shells keep everything nice and moist as well as adding a boost of calcium to the soil when you plant!

Unknown said...

Your scarves look SOOOOO lovely!!!