Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Not much weaving going on this week as I’ve caught the sewing bug! My local fabric store was changing ownership and everything in the store was 70-80% off! I decided that this was the perfect time to try and make that ‘perfect’ blouse. I purchased an amazing Vogue pattern and have been trying to get it done for the past three days! Life and house viewings seem to be getting in my way! Today I’m determined to get it done…. I'm making one blouse out of 100% white cotton (I'll live with the fine wrinkles to avoid the awful feel of polyester!) and once I've figured it all out I've purchased some beautiful silk noil fabric for my 'special' blouse.

I did manage to fit in a tiny bit of weaving though. I decided to weave the Malbec scarf again after tweaking it and have named my newest creation Trebbiano after a lovely green grape. I rarely weave the same scarf twice without making a number of changes. In this case I changed the warp colour to Moss Green and the weft to Lemongrass. I made the scarf a tad narrower and moved the positions of the spot lace.
I wanted a clear asymmetrical vertical line and working with three blocks achieved this. I changed the sett from 28 epi to 24 epi and I’m thrilled with the result, it has a wonderful light feel. The tone on tone colours just shimmer with one side being predominantly Moss Green and the other being Lemongrass.

I do have another scarf on the loom right now and while I was weaving I ran into a huge problem……I am using 2/8 bamboo for my weft and while I was winding my pirn I came across this big weird lump. I thought nothing of it and just cut it out and tied the yarn back together and proceeded to finish the pirn. When I started to weave with this new pirn I noticed that the yarn was distinctly different – much heavier in grist! It seems that when the manufacturer repaired the broken end they carried additional fibre for yards and yards. I was despondent thinking that I couldn’t finish my project!I wound the larger yarn off the pirn and went back to the tube and started winding off the thick grist. What a waste!This lump in where the manufacturer finally got back to the correct grist of bamboo….I was so happy to find this spot. I was sure that my lovely scarf was going to end up as 28 inches of scrap….thankfully it’s going to be finished, just a little shorter than my usual 70 inches.


Restless Knitter said...

Love the scarves!

Those knots are pesky enough without the added trouble of the grist issue. Glad you had enough to finish.

Lynnette said...

Thanks you Ulitasloom and David G for letting me know that my sidebar links were broken. Seems that Blogger dropped a few key letters on most of the links for no apparent reason....just to keep me on my toes I suppose!

Theresa said...

How is the blouse going? I've looked at that pattern a number of times. It's Sandra Betzina isn't it?