Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No Tabby Crackle

I’ve finished my first project on Avril, the AVL. It’s a tone on tone No Tabby Crackle scarf.
I found the basic pattern on I used the program PCW to make all the changes I needed to make the pattern work for me and I’m really happy with the result.

Weaving on the AVL is taking some getting used to because the treadling is totally unique. I have to make sure that I am sitting directly over the treadles and that my whole foot is being used to depress the treadles. If I use just the ball of my foot the pain after a few minutes is like wearing 6” spike heels for a day!

For some reason my scarf turned out with quite a masculine feel, the tone on tone of olive and lemongrass makes the woven pattern fairly recessive. Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful, but in no way flashy or dressy. Because of its’ overt masculinity, and because I love to add beads to my woven items; I only added a single seed bead to the cup of the twisted fringe, just a wee bit of bling!
I was worried about the hard beat I felt I was getting with Avril, and feared that it would turn out like a board. After washing the 2/8 Tencel really came into its own and it’s soft, supple and oh so shiny!


Unknown said...

fascinating and wonderful!!!

Marion B. said...

That scarf looks gorgious anyway and the colour is nice.

Annie said...


Lynn Majidimehr said...

What a beautiful scarf, I love green!

Susan said...

The no tabby crackle almost has a lace like effect!

I'm sure that after a couple more projects you'll be feeling much more comfortable with the loom and its new way of doing things!

I really admire your ability to try new things on several levels. Most weavers would have chosen a familiar pattern to try out on a new loom.

What's next??

bspinner said...

Very nice!!!!! I like the tone on tone.

Loree Jackson said...

Love the end result. The texture looks very cool especially in that last picture.