Saturday, February 28, 2009

Still Working at the Pile

I’ve finally finished my CAMMO sweater, the painted cotton novelty yarn knitted up really well and it is now a kick around the house tee sweater. I chose a really simple style for the garment and the end result fits me very well. I think that the way the painted yarn made zigzags is really very cool and will look great with army green capri’s.
I still have a few projects sitting on my sewing table, but the pile is quickly diminishing. I can almost see the end in sight…. If I really apply myself I can clear it off before…..hmmmm, I’m going to say Easter!
I pulled two 2/16 natural linen pieces woven in Swedish and Bronson Lace for my next finishing project. These two pieces were samples left over from one of The Guild of Canadian Weavers Intermediate test questions. They are lovely pieces that just don’t have any wow factor; the colour is just a tad uninspiring.
My plan is to soak them in a light Procion MX dye bath, not sure yet what colour will liven up this rather dark beige, and then paint on them.
I drove to Kelowna today and picked up the Dye-na-Flow Exciter Pack for under $20.00 (sorry about the flash glare). It contains 9 concentrated vibrant colours of “paint that acts like dye” for use on all fabrics according to the package. Apparently I can just paint it on, leave it for 24 hours then fix it by ironing. When I find something like this I’ve just gotta give it a go! Wish me luck!
Weaving Words
Bosom is the main part of a woven piece as opposed to the selvedges or borders.


Life Looms Large said...

The sweater looks great! Now you're ready for warm weather!!

You're really making headway on your finishing pile. That always feels so good!

I used similar dye to paint some silk scarves - super fun!! Enjoy!!

We're bracing for snow here today....but the weather forecaster said it might be the last winter storm of the season. (On March 1 - possible I guess - that would be great!)


Leigh said...

I agree the sweater looks great.

I like the idea of having a place to put fabric in need of finishing. I like the idea of a sewing table. Heck, I just like the idea of having enough room to put a sewing table!

Theresa said...

And what a beautiful pile of handwovens it is!
The sweater is wonderful. Great colors and I love
the V neck. Bravo!!!

bspinner said...

I like your sweater!!!! I've never seen fabric paint like this before. Can't to see what you do with it.

Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio said...

Good luck....and please please please post how it comes out;)