Monday, January 16, 2023

Raindrops and Snowflakes

The ink blue Tencel scarves are off the loom.  I don’t have any in-progress photos so it is straight to the final reveal for the scarves.  The first scarf is made from ink blue Tencel warp with white Tencel weft.  The pattern is an original crackle (the pattern is available for sale) and I think that it kind of looks like snowflakes in this colourway.  For Sale.

The second scarf has the same ink blue Tencel warp with azure blue Tencel weft.  I tweaked the pattern to create a more raindrop like effect.  For Sale.

The store is running low on table linens and we are hoping to add a line of place mats but somehow rummaging around in the stash for ideas for table linens I found this.  A lovely hand dyed skein of 2/20 silk in a range of pinks.

It just called to me and I quickly had it on the swift and then spinning and whirling around the ball winder.

Next it is onto the warping board, I find that for a single scarf I can do a warp length of 100 inches.  That gives me 10 inches for the fringe in the front, 70 inches for weaving the scarf and 20 inches for the second fringe, take up and loom waste.  

I was able to get 154 ends of the pink silk.  I haven’t decided on the pattern yet but the pretty spring like pinks are making me very happy.

Final Garden Photo is violas.  There are five pots in a row on the edge of the patio.  They are each planted with different colours of violas and there are two types of daffodils layered in the pots also.  It is quite mild weather wise right now so it’s hard not to think that spring is right around the corner.  

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