Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Black and Birch Shawl

The raspberry red and black shawl is finished but I still have enough warp on the loom for another shawl in the black 2/8 Tencel.  Before I tied the warp back onto the cloth beam, I changed the tie up of the treadles.  I like to change things up so that the shawls aren’t exactly the same. 

I still have the same threading and I’m even using the same treadling as the red shawl but the motif is definitely different.  The motif is a diamond within a circle surrounded by a trellis of diamonds.  I really like motifs that create circles, I think that it is cool that two straight lines can make curved lines.

The weft colour that I’m using is 2/8 Tencel called Birch.  It is a lovely soft silvery green and it glows against the black warp.

This fancy snowflake twill pattern is a joy to weave and one of my favourites.  I was coming to the end of the shawl and with less than an inch to go I finished my pirn.  As I hate waste I measured out the last of the weft that I needed and hand wound the last pirn.

Something that I find interesting with the pattern is that the motif that I think is the main motif on the shawl isn’t the motif that they show in the pattern.

Below is the motif from the pattern.

This is what I think is the motif.  Even then it doesn’t really show that full story of the pattern, I think that showing two repeats of the threading and two repeats of the treadling are much better idea to show the pattern.  

The shawl isn’t quite finished; I haven’t twisted the fringe or press it.  But here some pretty photos anyway because I can’t wait to show you.

Final Garden Photo is of spring crocuses.  The first two blooms have opened and they are a lovely sign of spring!  

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Dianne said...

Wondering how the lasagna pot is progressing? Such a neat idea.