Monday, January 3, 2022

A New Year and a New Start

It is a tradition on this blog to share what is on the looms at the beginning of the year.  This year they are both empty!

But there is weaving related things going on, there was a brief moment of winter sun so I tried to do some photos of the lavender collapse weave wool scarf for the Etsy store, WovenBeauty.  I’m trying a coloured background to see if I can get the pale colour of the scarf to show correctly.

There is also a photo shoot for a blog post going on in the kitchen with tubs of colourful Tencel.  

We have been knee deep in snow for what feels like weeks but yesterday the weather changed and the snow started to quickly melt away.  There are some hidden treasures waiting in the garden.  A lovely pansy blooming is a welcome reminder that spring in coming.

On Vancouver Island there are Anna’s Hummingbirds who stay the winter and we have 3 in the back garden staking out the bird feeder.  

This year they got a Christmas present of a hummingbird feeder heater!  It was quite the hit during the cold snap that we just had.

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