Monday, February 8, 2021

Re-purposing A Runner

Waaaay back in 2017 I woven three Double Huck Lace Runners in gold cotton (here).  The pattern is really lovely, but the selvedges really were disappointing.

After washing and pressing and really looking hard at them, I just couldn’t put them up for sale with edges that didn’t please me, so they were packed away at the back of the guest room closet.

The selvedges of the runners had been stabilized with 2 inches of plain weave and I was sure that 21 ends of plain weave would be enough to even out Huck’s tendency to bulge unattractively; but it was not to be!

I find one of the simplest and most effective way to update a room is to change out the cushions, and this year is no different.  I happened upon this amazing butter yellow textured cotton on sale and snapped it up.  I was able to make cushion covers for some beige silk cushions, the change to the room was immediate; and while the cushions are lovely, they needed some contrast to really pop in the room.

My mind went back to those Double Huck Lace Runners and I figured that I could cover the small cushions that came with the couch, you know those meagre cushions that the manufacturer throws in with your purchase.   My first job was to unpick the hems of the runners.

I sewed three sides of the runner and gave the envelopes a rough fit, it was almost as if it was meant to be and it was a perfect fit.  It was at this point that I decided I wouldn’t bother with a zipper like in the larger cushions but sew the cushions into the envelope.

To make sure I was working with the straightest edge possible I pulled a weft thread and gave the hemline a trim.  Then folded the edge to the inside and pinned securely. 

Now I was ready to sit in the sun and sew that seam closed.  This way I could get a really good fit to the cushion.  

The 18”x18” cushion really works well with the bigger butter yellow cushions and I think the double diamond motif is offset beautifully by the darker cushion inside.

They look smashing on the teal armchairs too!  

The garden shot today is of the Japanese style tree supports that we made.  I'm a huge fan of Japanese Maples and have six different varieties in the garden.  Generally they are low to the ground and these nifty creations help prop them up without allowing the tree to absorb them into their branches.  Yup, had that happen on one of them and now I have metal hooks dangling like earrings on the poor branch!

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