Monday, February 11, 2019

Weaving Mixed Fibre Yardage

In September of last year my weaving guild’s study group, Exploring More, decided to look at sewing a handwoven garment.  We have also decided to have a little fashion show for the guild at the February meeting so I guess that I better get started!

To start, I’ll talk about the yardage that I am using which I wove it in 2012; and looking back at the blog, it seems that I have never shared anything about it.  So I am going to piece together its story from the photos and my memory.
The warp is based around this large cone of variegated cotton.  The cotton is white, rusty brown and green, and is surprisingly pretty.  I added stripes in brown chenille and a shiny rose boucle rayon.
Going by the pictures, it looks like Mom and I had found the sewing pattern before weaving the yardage.  We then used the pieces to find out how wide and long that I would need to weave the yardage.  Pretty smart if I do say so myself!
The stripes are narrow and the overall warp looked quite brown.  The weft is a pretty pink 2/20 merino wool and once it was added the fabric really lightens up.  The pattern I chose to weave is basket weave.
I remember that I had trouble with the tension for the chenille stripes.  I used a tightly folded towel across the warp beam to try to even out the tension.  The towel allows the tighter threads to bite into the towel to give some ease of tension.  It seems that I still had to add individual weights on the chenille stripes.  Horrors!
A pretty shot of the yardage on the cloth beam.  I carefully washed it in the bathtub and let it dry flat and then ironed it.   Then it sat in the closet waiting, and waiting, and well you get the picture.
I have periodically taken the yardage out and looked at it and put it back into the closet.  So when my weaving study group started a topic about sewing handwoven garments I was excited to finally have a reason to start on the sewing of this yardage.  Mom and I talked about it and we decided that the yardage was too loose and open.  So this time I put the yardage into the washing machine and then for a brief stint into the drier to get the cloth to be firmer.  It is definitely firmer but still has a lovely drape.
I have finally started cutting out the pattern.
Final Garden Photo is of all the snow we are getting, the local schools and library are closed due to the snow.  Also all the ferries have been cancelled for tonight.  Just last week I was working in the garden weeding!  The picture looks like it is black and white but just a very grey day but the red of the stop sign is popping out.


Peg Cherre said...

This will be a jacket? Can't wait to see it finished! I hope you'll share some pix of other guild member's garments, too.

Ngaire said...

Hi Peg,

The yardage is going to be a capelet! Good idea about taking photos for everybody's garments, I can hope that I remember to, thanks.