Friday, October 17, 2014

Six Shaft Crackle Weave ~ Oil Slick Scarf

I’m still slowly working through the silk scarf warps I painted last year ~ who knew it would take me sooooooo long to get through them!!
This warp was not the most promising because it was basically the ‘use up’ of all the left over dyes. I kept picking it up and then like a magpie, putting it down again when another, more exciting warp caught my eye.
Even on drying out day I put it on the end because it was so drab!!!
I had developed a 6 shaft networked turned crackle weave pattern a while ago and this warp was going to be the maiden voyage for it. Once I had the warp on the loom, I felt much more hopeful as the amazing colours popped and I immediately knew that I had several choices of weft.  The warp has plum, fuscia, green, blue….I was spoiled for choice!
My first weft choice was soft plum ~ not so good.  Then onto cedar green ~ my favourite so far; finally I tried lemon grass ~ yup this was the winner!
Well, it was the winner until I got a few inches woven and found out that the weft absolutely killed the pattern!  My usual weft conundrum!
As soon as I tried the purple I was gobsmacked….this looks like an oil slick on water, stunningly beautiful!  The rounded crackle drops just enhance the oil slick theme.

I was so pleased with this scarf that I emailed this photo of the unfinished scarf to my friend Susan telling her that I thought it was the most beautiful of the silk scarves.
Susan now has a new winter scarf and this scarf takes the record as the fastest scarf in an out of Etsy for me ….ever!
We have the most amazing sunsets here in Comox!


Susan said...

I simply love it! The colours, the pattern, and finishing!

Thank you....

:) Susan

Anonymous said...

Beautiful colour combination, so much better than the green.

Mama McCoy said...

I absolutely love this scarf! Is the draft available anywhere, or for purchase? It's gorgeous.