Saturday, January 18, 2014

2013 Weaving List Part 2

Part 2 . . . 

July 2013
Finally using the blue yardage from the ‘oh shit’ pile.  The yardage used two shades of blue, Ming Blue and Aquamarine with Verdigris Green 2/8 Tencel.  The pattern is Undulating Twill.  The first 5 in 1 has glitter buttons and some surface embellishment in the form of hand stitched lines stitched in dark blue Tencel.  For Sale.
The second 5 in 1 has shell buttons and is a little shorter then the first.  For Sale but not up on Etsy because it is too similar to the first one.

August 2013
I am not sure when I wove these two scarves; it was some time in the spring.  The warp and weft are 2/20 Cotton in baby pink.  They are Woven Shibori so the main body of the scarf is Plain Weave and the inset Shibori threads are Twill.  They actually lay forgotten in a drawer until the night before the Dye Day in August, when Mum asked about them.
The cotton took up the dye really well and the scarves are mostly orange and green with only the slightest pink showing up and if you didn’t know it was there you wouldn’t see it.  Green For SaleOrange For Sale.

September 2013
I love these 5 in 1’s so much that I made another two.  They are a style of clothing without too much complicated sewing that added an extra design element to the Esty Store.  The warp is black Bamboo 7 and the weft is Silk/Merino blend in Bronze.  The pattern is an Extended Point Twill, I love the large medallions.  For Sale.   
The second 5 in 1 the warp in taupe Bamboo 7 and the weft is Silk/Merino blend in Cream.  The pattern is the same.  These 5 in 1’s are a little heavier and are more suited for outer wear.  The pictures just don’t do them justice and I will be re photographing them soon.  We use a small half mannequin and I think that these will photograph better on a model - we just need to find one!   For Sale.
The first of the hand dyed silk warps from the Dye Day in August.  I dyed the warp in splashes of golden yellow, orange and raspberry red.  The scarf is woven with 2/10 Burgundy Tencel.  The inspiration for the choice of pattern was the rustling of autumnal leaves, the pattern is a Networked Twill.  For Sale.

October 2013
A second set of scarves woven in the twill polka dots.  The warp was 2/8 Tencel in black and the weft for the first scarf was super fine Muga Silk also known as Golden Silk.  This scarf was woven to a length suitable for a man and the polka dots were treadled so that they were more oval and in my mind, more manly!  For Sale.

Second scarf was woven in 2/8 White Tencel and woven in the normal polka dot pattern ~ you know we love it!  For Sale.

November 2013
My third weaving disaster, it was supposed to be a scarf but I am not sure that it is going to be now.  The warp was 2/8 Tencel in Ming Blue striped with thick Silk hand dyed in orange and blue.  The pattern was Herringbone Twill.  The part of weaving that I have to be really careful about is my beat.  In this scarf I was beating very heavy at the beginning to loosened up to my normal beat at the end.  I have no idea why I thought that I should beat so heavy because I don’t really like to look or feel of the firm end, so my first new addition to the 'oh shit' pile.
In late November we received our first commission on Etsy.  It was exciting!  There were four extra tea towels, two sold two days after the listing went up on Esty, two are still For Sale.  There are two extra woven squares 11¾ x 11¾ inches that I don’t know what to do with . . . any ideas?  Luncheon napkins?  Dish towels?  Face cloths?  

December 2013
Sorry for the bad picture you can't really see the great pattern!  I will be showing you the finished project soon.  The last project of the year was table runners.  The warp was 2/16 Cotton in Red and I put on enough for two runners.  The pattern is Huck Lace in a Lattice design.  Both runners were supposed to be woven from fine Linen singles but I had done my math wrong.  I forgot to change the yards per pound from the cotton to the linen so I ran out of the linen very quickly.  The Linen piece is the Cardinal Red Runner, it took a lot of washing to get the excess dye out – it actually coloured my hands!  After a mad searching through the stash I settled on Cottolin in Raspberry.  The runner is a little longer and is a totally different colour red.  I still have to hem them, photograph and list them on Etsy – hopefully before the end of the month.

So that it!  So I'm going to take a little different take on blogging this year - I'm going to microblog which means smaller blogs but more often interspersed with Mom's blogs.  Hopefully it will work out so that we get together more often!


Margreet said...

Ngaire, good to see you posting again and what a lovely collection of weaving you are showing us. Great production year.

Dianne said...

A great selection of work for the year. Not playing nice to take sides but my favourite would have to be the green shibori scarf.

Susan said...

Good to have you back blogging again!

That was quite the year of weaving and you produced many beautiful and imaginative projects. Even some of the 'oh shit' projects became winners! :)