Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Twelve Shaft Crackle

I like to think that the only thing that keeps me away from my loom is the weather. Give me a sunny day and I want to be outside in the garden or walking on the beach or, well just about anywhere but inside.

So that’s my excuse for being such a lazy blogger….the sun made me do it!

I finished both of the 12 shaft turned Crackle Weave scarves and cut them off the loom yesterday. I could wait until I have ‘beauty shots’, but it’s been so long since I’ve blogged that I thought I’d better just go for it ~ even if they are unfinished.
The first scarf was woven using a lovely teal 2/8 tencel weft and I treadled the scarf with two different sized motifs. The first motif is quite round and the second is more elliptical.
The second scarf was woven with 2/8 black tencel and I modified the treadling to only use the round motif because I love a circle!
Here they are….un-pressed in a pile …… but oh, so pretty! 
I really love this pattern, so I have pulled another warp, and here it is on the warping board.  I have made an Ombre style warp with colours ranging from dark brick to yellow and I think I'll use purple for the weft.....Oh my, I think I'm getting brave!

This is our second spring in our house in Comox and last year we concentrated on putting in the front landscaping. Well, on May 20th we decided to make a perennial border completely around the back garden ~ lots of digging!
This is the garden on May 29th and the garden is just under 10 days old!
Amazing, how quickly it all grows!
This is my thrift store bird bath....a $1.75 for the glass ashtray, $3.25 for the glass vase, $3.00 for the glass serving dish and the rocks were free on the beach!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful bird bath, love the idea of recycling all the glass.

Christa said...

... and how wonderful are the blue skabiosas.

Lynnette said...

Hello, dear Lynnette,

As I don't succeed in commenting on your blog - I write an e-mail.
Just saw your garden and a lovely lawn on your blog - I love especially the blue Scabiosas, which are very seldom to be seen here.
Sometimes there are small wild Scabiosas in the meadows and I think they are loved by bees.

Hope digging has come to an end
Cheers Christa

Susan said...

The new gardens and glass bird bath are simply lovely! You three have done a lot of work and now you can relax and enjoy..

The crackle weave is such a neat pattern.... very snakeskin like isn't it? Its a real eye catcher!

Since its a gorgeous day today, I guess you are out soaking up the sunshine and heat.