Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rhubarb Crackle Scarf

My loom is alive with colour right now. When the 12 Shaft Crackle weave scarves came off I immediately put on the new ‘Rhubarb Ombre’ three yard warp, just enough for a single beautiful scarf!
I purchased all of the tencel from Webs and the colours in order are Pompeii ~ Adobe ~ Spice ~ Olive ~ Lemongrass ~ Lemon drop, and then the reverse order to finish. When I had it completely pulled it looked exactly like cut rhubarb! If I was to pull it again I’d reverse the order of the Adobe and Spice, ahhh hindsight!  The Pompeii seemed to flow perfectly into the Adobe, but now that I see it on the loom, the Adobe has less colour depth than the Spice and they would work better if reversed.  Rather than making clear cut stripes, I’ve feathered the colours randomly to soften the edges and I did this on the loom as I was threading the pattern.
My plan was to be brave and to use Amethyst for the weft, but after a few picks I knew that purple was the wrong way to go, so I tried Dark Green, Gold and even Burnt Orange before I settled on Burgundy. The lovely deep red is the perfect colour to enliven the two brick tones without completely masking the yellow centre of the pattern.
I’m completely chuffed that one of our scarves, the Lemon Grass Drall has been featured in an Etsy Blog called ‘Adventures in Fibre Art’….we were thrilled to be included!

Our garden beds seem to be increasing daily. Michael managed to include a long ago purchase metal plaque when he made the trellis. We needed a very shady bed to hold the Hostas that were getting too much sun. The Akeba vine can tolerate shade and will hopefully fill out the trellis in time (although I've got my eye on a few more vines!) Since this photo we've also added some hot pink Sea Thrift to the sweet!

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Cindie said...

Those are beautiful colors!