Thursday, August 9, 2012

Table Runners in Twill

We have been really concentrating on getting the Esty shop loaded with inventory.  When we first opened the shop we were photographing all the items on a grey background but we noticed that the majority of people on Esty who were being featured on the front page were using a white background.  So we tried some items on a white background and it made a huge difference! We are retaking all the photos – it is a lot of work!
Above is before on a grey background and below is on white background.
But there has been some weaving going on too!  I put on a 2/8 navy cotton warp enough for two table runners.  I like using navy instead of black because navy adds a warmth and depth of colour to the finish product.   The weft for the first runner is a lovely leaf green cottolin.  It is hard to get a good photo of the colour, but trust me it is pretty!
The pattern is a fancy twill on 8 shafts; I really like the large boxes and strong diagonal lines of this pattern.  I had reached the halfway point, about 30 inches, when I noticed it – the treadling mistake!
I had written down the pattern wrong, I had transposed two numbers a 78 instead of 87, so the entire piece was wrong.  I did the only thing that I could – I unwove the runner.  It is much faster to weave this pattern then it is to unweave!  I had to take it back all the way to the 2 inch border.  But it was totally worth it as the finished runner is stunning. 
The green runner went up on Esty last week and it sold this week!  Woo Hoo!
For the second runner I changed the treadling so that it would be different from the first runner.  I made a two diamond repeat that is really pretty.  The weft is bronze linen that makes a dramatic statement for the runner.
Unfortunately I ran out of weft before I got the desired length that I had planned for but it will make a lovely centrepiece for someone’s table.  Here is the Esty listing for the bronze table runner.
I really enjoyed weaving these table runners - so much so that I have put another table runner warp onto the loom!


Linda said...

That's lovely, Ngaire! Ugh, all that un-weaving. When it comes to that much, I cut....but not sure that I would do that with linen. My hat is off to you. It was worth the effort! I like both patterns.

Louisa said...

Lovely weaving! I especially like the bronze runner. Un-weaving so much is such a pain! You have such patience. Though I probably would have done it too so as not to waste the warp. ;)

charlotte said...

The white background sure makes the shawl look much much better! Grey sucks the life out of other colors, at least according to Itten's color theory.
I love the bronze runner, the colors and the pattern are fabulous!
Wish you a nice weekend :-)

Benita said...

Wow, that bronze really makes the pattern pop - just lovely!!