Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Piano Scarf Redux

I thought that the piano scarf would be a great addition to our Esty store, Woven Beauty.  Esty is about unique handmade items and this piano scarf is it in a nutshell!

I wanted to try something completely different with the piano scarf (as always!) so instead of using chenille I decided to use rayon as the warp and weft.  I thought that it would give the scarf a lovely shine and drape.
I started weaving and l didn’t like the look of the rayon at all as weft.  The ppi was correct but it looked too loose and I was afraid that washing the scarf wouldn’t close up the mesh like texture.  I also thought that the scarf felt terribly rough. 
The scarf looked gray and washed out from a distance, instead of the dramatic look I was seeking.  I also didn’t like the spotted look of the black keys, so all in all ~ not what I wanted.
I did what I seem to do every time lately and unwove the scarf and started again.  I used chenille as the weft and I was so much happier.  The chenille fills in the warp and it is much more forgiving when placing the keys, it also enhances the strong colour blocking that I wanted.
The chenille worked much better than the rayon but I do prefer the one hundred percent chenille piano scarves that I did previously.  One of the thoughts about using rayon was that I could have a fringe but again I prefer the look of the our first piano scarves with the point at the ends.  The photo shoot for the piano scarf was a little tricky, I wanted to show off the fact that the scarf has all 88 keys. 
I like the look of the piano scarf but I always forget how long it takes to weave and how finicky it is using the clasped weft technique.  But it is worth it for the end product as it is completely reversable and that can't be achieved using double weave or summer and winter.
The scarf can be found here on Etsy if you'd like to own it!


Ann said...

I love this, and I don't even have a piano!!

Alida said...

Beautifull, looks strong in this white and black.