Thursday, February 11, 2010

Twill Gamp on Eight Shafts Part Three

I’m done with my gamp and overall I’m quite pleased with the result. Here are a few of the notable twill combinations.
Herringbone treadled Advancing twill was a complete surprise M&W treadled Advancing twill is very prettyRosepath treadled Advancing twill; this too was a surprise A very nice herringbone pattern treadled as drawn in This is Rosepath treadled Herringbone M&W treadled Point Twill Snowflake twill treadled as drawn in
This is Snowflake twill treadled as Rosepath
My overall conclusion on this gamp is that the most successful threadings are separate leg M & W and Rosepath, just about every treadling looks good with these two. After I finished the piece and did my first spot check to make sure there were no treadling errors; I machine stitched the hems. I then vigorously hand washed the gamp and laid it flat to dry. This piece was 16-1/2” wide and 41” long after it was removed from the loom. Today I started my blocking process; I have ensured that the gamp is square by measuring each block and pinning it to my Rowenta ironing board. The Rowenta is an extra wide board and it does make a difference…. Once I ensured that each block was square by pinning it into place– it now measures 15-1/2” wide and 38-3/4” long; I sprayed it with water and will let it dry before doing my first hard pressing and hand hemming. The final part of this test piece is to label each treadling and threading combination……painful, but necessary.


Life Looms Large said...

Congrats on finishing your gamp!! It's so interesting in software, and even more in actual weaving, to see how different treadlings and threadings play together.

Seeing the whole gamp stretched out totally makes me want to see it in person!


charlotte said...

Congratulations on the finished gamp! It seems an enormous job to do this so with so detailed specifications to be fulfilled.


That is so cool, I've never seen a gamp before, so I'm totally impressed.

dorothylochmaben said...

Lynnette - what a lot of work and such attention to the detail in the final look of the gamp. Is this for submission for your exam ? I would give you 100% !

Marion B. said...

Congratulations on the finished gamp. Since I have Janet Phillips' book I want to weave that gamp. But there are so many things I would like to do..... :)

Lynnette said...

Hi Marion,
Because my gamp had to be completely square I modified my threadings so that each one contained exactly 100 threads. For example the Snowflake twill started out much larger and I amended it to fit my criteria. You will really enjoy the gamping experience's a great way to sample.