Monday, October 27, 2008

Squished Witch

Here's a photo of the incident that happened at the house!

Night brought me a witch on her broom,
In my window she peeked at my loom,
Round and round in a tizzy,
Flying til’ she was dizzy,
She flew on her broom to her doom!
Yesterday we went for a quick drive in the beautiful Salmon River Valley to get some local raw honey. I wish I'd remembered my camera so I could have captured some of the amazing colours on display. It was a day when Mother Nature could not be outdone and the bold red Sumac next to the almost hot yellow Alder, all framed by a clear blue sky was astonishing! All around us we can see the seasonal changes, and the Larches are really making a show in the Provincial Parklands I see from my Studio.
I have added a new section to my weaving binder - this is a book where I keep a piece of every yarn I have in stock and a notation of the amount I have left. The book comes with me when I go shopping so that I have a clear idea of what would work best with my existing stash. That doesn't mean that I don't get swayed into a totally off the wall purchase, but it does help me to keep a bit of sanity in a yarn store! I'm now keeping a record of the most pleasing colour combinations I see, hopefully this will help me to think outside of my own colour preferences when project planning. I love the sweet, pretty colours but really want to try BOLD, BRASH, BRAZEN!

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Susan said...

Ahhh.... that looks nasty! Must hurt :)

I agree with you about the fall colours. Puts a whole new meaning on the phrase
"go out in a blaze of glory"

We don't get any kids trick or treatin' here. So if any candy comes into the house, it better be *our* favourites. So far this year, none has come over the threshold.