Monday, September 21, 2020

Finishing Up and Starting Something New

I finished weaving the sixth and last tea towel from the grey, black, white and blue striped tea towel warp.  The cloth beam had a very satisfying fat roll of tea towels on it.

The tea towels have been washed, dried and the hems pressed ready for hand sewing.  Just waiting for a sunny day to start sewing the tea towels, a sunny day makes it easier to see the black thread.

The loom doesn’t stay empty for long, I’m onto the next project, this time it is something for me.  It is going to be a wool throw to keep me warm on the cold winter nights.  I started by pulling out the two wool bins and looking at what we have in the stash, and it wasn't much.

It is going to be a mixed warp as there isn’t enough of any one thing but I know the base is going to be 2/16 blue wool.  I just finished pulling it this morning, there is about half of the warp needed, I’d hope that the cone would’ve given me more. 

I’m going to use bits and pieces of other 2/16 wool including the pink, navy and magenta but there isn’t really a plan right now.  It is supposed to be a random warp but I’m never really good with that so we will see how it goes.  The weft is going to be the 4/1 blue wool that you can just see on the left behind the white cone.

It is starting to feel like autumn now, the trees are just starting to change colour and the sun flowers that we planted in early August have decided to bloom, a lovely final touch of summer!

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