Monday, January 20, 2020

Table Runners Yet Again

After all the kerfuffle with pulling the warp for these table runners, the threading and sleying went quickly and easily.  I usually audition several wefts before making a decision but this time as soon as I saw the navy slub I knew that it was the one.
Inside of the cone I found a little note.  The note is from a previous owner, it has the fibre content, yards per pound, and when it was purchased.  This cone has been around from April 1986 and I think that it is time to be used!
The pattern is a favorite 8 shaft twill.  I love the large scale of the Xs.  The navy blue adds a lovely shimmer and shine.  The table runner is about 50 inches long and wove up quite quickly.
For the second runner I also went with the first choice, this time is lovely dark green 3/10 cotton.
I usually don’t weave the same pattern but I really do love these Xs.  The dark green has a yellow undertone that really brings out the golden pima cotton.  The table runner just glows, but as usual, photographing green is problematic.
The pima cotton warp was a real shedder.  There was a really impressive dust curl left on the back beam, a dust bunny explosion!  I am definitely going to have to vacuum my loom before the next warp.
I just cut off the two runners yesterday, I still have to wash and hem them.  I think that they are going to be a lovely addition for the shop Woven Beauty.

Final Garden Photo is the hummingbird that has staked out our backyard for the winter.  She has figured out that she can sit above the feeder which is under the eaves out of the snow.  She sits up there fiercely guarding the feeder from the other hummingbirds.

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Susan said...

Lovely runners.... and it seems we all have 'snowflakes' on our minds lately.

That little humming bird is sweet. Tough mind you, but sweet! They can be quite cranky at times.