Monday, November 18, 2019

Weaving to Frame Part Two

I wish I could say I’m finished with this project, but alas, no.  It may be one of those never ending frustrations.
The tulips have been woven off and, man are they ever literal.  I had wanted to create a suggestion of tulips, a mere hint of tulips, but nope, didn’t work, I made a picture.  I was hoping that after spraying liberally with alcohol that the image would bleed nicely and tone itself down.  Nah.
This is the reverse side and it has more potential, but I think I’ll set it aside for now and move forward with another idea.  Thankfully, I put on enough warp to try out several ideas.
Idea number two is all about distortion, so I started to move the threads around, a pull here, a pucker there..
I really started to like the look so I introduced some ruching for more vertical distortion.
I decided to add a few silk threads in gold and green woven through the largest distortion pull.  I’m rather liking this.
I think I’m happy with this look and now I have to find a name for it because that is part of the guild’s project guild lines.
I’ve laid the frame that I plan to use over top of the piece which I’m calling a rather uninspired, ‘Silk Road’.  It definatley looks better in a frame!  Now I just have to figure out the orientation, horizontal, vertical or a radical diagonal?

Thankfully, I have enough warp to give this problem one more attempt, but I’m already pretty much over it.
The garden shot this week is a photo of how we winterize our grasses.  We have eight large grasses in the garden and 'stooking' them keeps the rain off their hearts and protects them from the frost.

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