Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lime and Amethyst Silk Scarf ~ Crackle Weave

The next silk warp to be woven was very boldly dyed in lime green and purple in large triangular shapes.  The thought when dyeing the warp was to have large areas of clear colour so that the scarf wouldn’t look muddy.
To find the weft colour I decided to pull out the Itten star.  
This is a folder that has eight disks that you place over the Itten's colour wheel to compare colour values, complementary colours and colour opposites.

The disc I chose to use is the five tone chord disc which shows a primary colour with four split complementary colours.  The primary colour is the lime green and the other colours are blue/purple and red/orange.  In the end I went with the blue because I wanted the lime green to be the feature colour not washed away in a sea of opposing colour.  The purple weft blended into the purple of the warp hiding any pattern. 
So the last choice is the navy and it looks brilliant!  The pattern is a crackle weave with a really long pattern repeat of 13 inches.  There are only 5 and a bit repeats for the entire length of the scarf.  The pattern is offset and has a lovely echo repeat.
The scarf is really striking; the lime green make highlights the purple and the navy make the pattern stand out.  The long pattern repeat has an organic movement to it that is really wonderful.  For Sale.
Final garden picture is the first of the black mission figs.  The first one is always huge; this one is about the size of an apple!


Cindie said...

What a striking scarf - it's lovely.

Dianne said...

Love this scarf, colour and pattern. What sort of loom are you using, treadle or dobby? Its a long repeat to remember.

Lynnette said...

To answer your question Dianne, Ngaire uses human powered treadles only! It was a really long sequence to remember and amazingly she seems to really enjoy the challenge!

Susan said...

This scarf is very striking! Lovely pattern and the colours are wonderful.

I love long treadling repeats and the way they grow!

Isn't the Itten star a sanity saver?