Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Completed Projects to be Reworked

For some reason every January I get the urge to reorganize and my weaving stash gets hauled out for a good looking at. You know the stuff, too good to throw away, but too small, too long, wrong colour….that stuff!
It was really reassuring to discover that this year the pile hadn’t grown by much and I can actually see myself putting most of it to use.
The things that are in my stash of unfinished business are in every case but one, things left over from doing the Master Weavers test. There were some problems that I wove repeatedly, like the Rep weave at the bottom of the pile.
I wove this Rep Weave problem at least 12 times! I tried out different weft thickness and colours, I wove it all thin weft and various thick and thin ratios to find the best one to send off to the judges. Now I’m left with 7 pieces that don’t match! My plan for these is to sew them into purses.
This magenta and white overshot in cotton and wool has me stumped though. It’s pretty and perfect, but what the heck do I do with it? Something to ponder!
I’m pretty sure I’m going to try and sell this wool yardage on Etsy just as it is. I wove it from Scottish Tartan wool and its fine and silky feeling and if I wore skirts I’d make myself one….I can sew very well, I just can’t sew anything that fits me!
These two pieces of Shadow Weave are the perfect length for a tea towel and a bread cloth, so they will soon grace my kitchen….ahhhh finally!
There are two pieces of this Shadow Weave, one the size of a placemat (the matching one is in my Master Weavers Test box), and one the length of a table runner. The placemat could be put into my purse stash or made into cards……hmmmmmm. The runner is lovely but I’m not thrilled with the selvedges. In the Canadian Master Weavers Test you can’t use floating selvedges (draconian isn’t it?), so the selvedge turns are not as nice as I’d like. I’ve been toying with the idea of adding a ribbon selvedge…..not sure yet!
This Twill Gamp is really lovely, but too long for a tea towel and too weird looking for a runner….maybe cut up for cards?
What can I possibly say about this Dukkagang piece…..daunting!
This is the only piece that I added to the stash this year. I pulled it off the loom and just couldn’t get interested in finishing it….I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna do it! There goal set!
We went for a walk two days ago on Miracle Beach and this is what we saw….stunning flat Savary Island on the horizon and in the distance the Coastal Mountains of Mainland British Columbia.


heather said...

such beautiful cloth to make decisions about! the overshot could be a pillow if you found something to be its back...

Susan said...

Those are all lovely and I'm sure you can makes something with them. The rep weave bags you made previously were gorgeous!

Speaking of gorgeous... stunning view you have there! When we lived in PR, we'd look across and see Mt Washington all bathed in sunlight and glowing white. Took your breath away!


Katie said...

Beautiful pieces! Love the wool cloth. I should do this, too --pull my unused pieces out of the boxes and look at them. Maybe inspiration will strike? Maybe not. I don't really know what all I have in there.