Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Week in the Middle and Nothing Complete

This has been one of those funny weeks, where I’m in the middle of everything and have nothing to show for the past few days.
I’m in the middle of twisting the fringes on my Drall scarves, which after pressing are stellar, if I do say so myself! Then the task of photographing them for the Etsy shop….ahhh never-ending.
I’m in the middle of the sleeves on Ngaires sweater and they seem to be dragging on forever, because I’m only doing about 20 rows in an evening…..sooooo slow!
And I’m in the middle of warping my loom with my next scarf. I’m using 2/20 silk that I hand dyed for another project. I had this silk wound on pirns for two years and thought that now was the time to free them up! I had enough on the pirns to make 173 ends 92 inches long ~ just enough for a 6 inch wide scarf sett at 28 ends per inch.
I’m still waffling about which weft yarn and colour to use….yup, still in the middle of making that decision too. The two balls in the photo are bombyx silk singles that I dyed for another project and the cones are tencel with the variegated silk (all that's left over from the warp) in front….just gonna have to weave a few picks of each before I can make the decision!
In the middle here too, these are the ‘geranium’ urns that we’ve tucked into the entranceway. I’ve anchored the little wire Christmas trees with bags of beach sand to keep them weighted so they don’t fly away in our rather gusty area of Vancouver Island and have just 3 tiny ornaments on each. The greenery was gleaned on our walks and really typifies the rain forest all around us.  We even had a bunch of small bulb white LED lights leftover to outline the door as Michael has switched over to those rather nostalgic multi-coloured big bulbs like we had in the '70s to do the roof line all around the house!  They make the house look so friendly!
I’ve been gearing up for Christmas baking; a rainy day is a good day to stay home and bake I think. Although we’ve only got the Christmas cakes done so far….I just loved the way this Pineapple Upside Down cake looks, it reminds me of 'Black-eyed Susan' flowers, so I thought I’d share a photo although the cake is loooong gone.
The plant of the week in my garden is the Lily of the Valley Shrub (Pieris japonica ‘Valley Rose’). This is an amazing shrub that looks great in every season. When I bought it last March the new leaves were hot pink and creamy white. Then they slowly turned green and now it’s setting the flowers which will bloom pearly white in a few months. There is a good reason why everyone has this in their garden here, it’s a real giver!


Ann said...

I love the runner your cake is on!!!

Deanna said...

What a wonderful post full of loveliness!!! Thank you!