Friday, November 16, 2012

Blue Drall

I’m moving along quite well with the Mediterranean blue Drall scarf. I’m at 60 inches and I’m still in love with this pattern! It’s so much fun to weave ~ you’ve gotta try it!
I try to make each motif area unique and I’m particularly pleased with this Fibonacci sequence you can see below.
There is enough warp left for one more scarf before I leave Drall behind for awhile. I’m tossing up weft ideas; I want the next scarf to be light coloured and to really highlight the azure blue, so it may be white, silver or pale green…..I can’t wait to get there and see what works best.

In the evenings while watching TV I’m knitting a sweater for Ngaire using my handspun wool. I got the wool when I was last in New Zealand and it’s a really lovely dusty pink and I spun it semi-worsted.
This is the pattern I’m using ~ I chose something really, really simple to show off the handspun and to make it a ‘no brainer’ knitting project for me.
Although the pattern has the fronts and back as separate pieces I’ve decided to knit them in one piece until I get to the raglan decreases. My plan gets a bit hazy then, but I’m thinking I can keep it all in one piece and knit each section with it’s own ball of yarn and then just knit the sleeves and collar separately……hmmmmm sounds good or a recipe for disaster, take your pick!
Every week I’ve shown something from my garden ~ this week it’s Fragrant Sweetbox (Sarcococca ruscifolia) that is just getting ready to flower.
This lovely evergreen shrub flowers in January and February and has the fragrance of vanilla. Can you see the berry? I can’t figure out who pollinated it last winter!


Cindie said...

Your Drall scarves are stunning!

Loree Jackson said...

The scarf is unbelieveably gorgeous!

Susan said...

Well, you seem to be enjoying yourself there! The scarf under way looks fab!

The sweater for Ngaire (in her favourite pink of course) looks to be well under way...
I hope the plan goes well for you.

Thanks for the garden section. That plant looks amazing. Do the deer eat it or pass it by? That's the test for plants in our garden now.


Linda said...

Fabulous scarves!! is the handspun yarn for the lovely pink sweater. You've been keeping busy!!