Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pink Scarves

I'm working on yet another de – stashing project ~ this time the project was based around a small skein of variegated pink hand dyed cotton which needed to be used.  I took this picture after I had already pulled the warp once.  I had made a mistake with the math for the cotton and had run out prematurely, so off it came.
I don’t remember what the original thread plan was; but the warp turned out to be one thread cotton, one thread Orlec, alternating between the light and dark pink orlec.
I had a really hard time figuring out what colours of weft that I could use on the two scarves, so I sampled.  Starting at the bottom is hot pink, dark grey, light pink, lilac, light grey and rose.  I think that the colours that worked best were the hot pink and light pink, everything else faded into the background.  These are some very pink scarves, I was hoping to tone down the colour, not enhance it, but you gotta go with the flow!
I liked weaving the series of variegated blue scarves so much so I decided to use the same Finnish lace pattern for these pink scarves.  I chose two new treadlings for these pink scarves, making four different treadlings in total so all the scarves in the blue/pink series are different.  The first pink scarf is an all over lace and the weft is hot pink Orlec, this scarf has great texture.
For the second scarf I used the same weft because it pretty much finished the cone and that is the point of de- stashing!  Also in the picture is the little ball of cotton that I had left, pretty good usage considering that the cotton was a random amount, it hadn’t been dyed with a project in mind.
The second scarf used M’s and W’s treadling.  I really liked it because of how the boxes of lace are framed by more lace, very neat.
When I washed the scarves some of the dye ran off and it left the cotton more uniform in colour.  I really miss the bright splashes of fuchsia that the skein had before I washed it!
When I was weaving these scarves I knew that I had to have one, I really like pink!  I started wearing it immediately and I have been really happy with the weight of the scarf; it is light enough for spring but wide enough to fill in the collars of coats from the cold wind.   
These are delightful spring time scarves!


dorothylochmaben said...

Lovely scarves, very nice texture and great for spring chills !

Susan said...

Pink is not a colour you see too much of right now in fashion trends ( not unless you have a little girl in the house!)
Its bright and fresh...

Lovely job Ngaire!