Saturday, January 14, 2012


Pfffft – that’s the sound of my brain trying to figure out my newest project.  As soon as I started planning the project I had a huge brain fart and couldn’t think!  I’m pretty sure that being away from the loom for these past few weeks has made my synaptic receptors turn right off!
My plan was to do a three dimensional ‘art piece’ for my entry hall, figuring out  what I want to do is usually the hardest job.  My concept is a series of tapes of varying widths that can then be shaped off loom and put together on a flat background to make the three dimensional image.

So off I went to the stash cupboard and started pulling out the colours and textures that I wanted to use for my concept, plenty to choose from!

Then I sat in front of my library to choose the weave structure I’ll use; and that’s when it happened, that awful feeling that I couldn’t put my head around the problem…..I looked at every weave structure that might possibly work, I sat and fiddled at the computer, I mulled, I had a hot drink, I paced; all to no avail! Big, big brain fart!

I do my best planning and thinking while I’m weaving.  This must be the reason for the empty idea bin in my head, my time away from the loom.  The obvious remedy is to do what I call ‘Comfort Weaving’. 
So my first  project  in my new house is exactly that, staying in my comfort zone I’ve put on a 2/8 Tencel warp for a scarf.  I’m using a modified version of Ngaires’ 12 Shaft Drall scarf and hopefully working through the process with make those synaptic links open again!  I had a great colour pallet in mind, slate grey, orange/red and gold ~ although the photo doesn't do it justice at all!
There are three blocks that can be woven using twelve shafts and my plan is to not stick to a pattern but to 'free weave' changing the blocks as they appeal to me, but still keeping some kind of loose patterning in play.
There is one more thing taking my mind off of weaving and that is the state of my garden.  Well it isn't exactly in a state because it's a completely blank canvas.  The builder put in some garden beds and right now they are ominously bare, and look very forlorn, just small weeds and bits of grass right now.
 I must admit that I've got a lot to learn about what plant to put where.  Today at the Library I think I've found the perfect book, after just a short browse through the pages I'm sold!  I want everything including the Hardy Banana Plant.  Why you may ask ~ because my brother in Manitoba can't!


Joanna said...

There's such a thing as a hardy banana plant?! Wow, who would have thought? Scarf is pretty and you house is too! I hope you have many happy years sorting out the garden.

Brenda said...

Two things:

1. You're weaving so soon after moving?! I'm impressed. I'm lucky to find cutlery after a major relocation.

2. Aren't you glad you moved to a warm place in the country!

Best of luck in your new location.